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  Jul 22, 2024
2021-2022 Transfer Advising Guides 
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2021-2022 Transfer Advising Guides [Archived Catalog]

CHEM 1409 - General Chemistry for Engineering Majors (lecture + lab)

Prerequisites:  ; High School chemistry or equivalent preparation

Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite:


Math Basic Skills Prerequisite:   

Fundamental principles of chemistry for engineering majors; topics include measurements, fundamental properties of matter, states of matter, chemical reactions, acid-base concepts, chemical stoichiometry, periodicity of elemental properties, atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, solutions, properties of gases, phase-diagrams, introduction to chemical equilibrium, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and an introduction to descriptive inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry.  Basic laboratory experiments supporting theoretical principles: introduction of the scientific method, experimental design, chemical instrumentation, data collection and analysis, and preparation of laboratory reports.

Semester Hours: (4 -3- 4)

CIP: 40.0501.58 03

Offered at:
NLC: Yes

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