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  Oct 20, 2021
2019-2020 Transfer Advising Guides 
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2019-2020 Transfer Advising Guides [Archived Catalog]

AAS Veterinary Technology (PAC) to BAS (Veterinary Science Technology Specialization) - Wayland Baptist University (WBU) 2019-2020

Lower Division Requirements at the Alamo Colleges District for an AAS degree

The courses in this section meet the requirements for an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Graduation section in any catalog of the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District lists additional Degree/Certificate Requirements.  Be advised this Transfer Advising Guide requires specific courses to be completed within specific semesters.

Semester I

  • Be advised this is a prerequisite semester.  These courses must be successfully completed before enrolling in VTHT courses and applying for admission to the program.  
  • If Semester I is a FALL SEMESTER, follow this Transfer Advising Guide and do NOT register for Semester III.
  • If Semester I is a SPRING SEMESTER, students can register for the courses listed in Semester II at any point during Semesters III / V / VII / VIII.
  • For this Transfer Advising Guide, new cohorts begin Semester IV, which is considered a FALL SEMESTER.
  • Be advised students MUST complete a minimum of 80 hours in clinical experience BEFORE the admission application for Veterinary Technology program is due in JUNE.

Semester II

  • If Semester I was a FALL SEMESTER, register for courses in Semester II.   
  • If Semester I was a SPRING SEMESTER, do NOT register for these courses until Semester III.

Semester III

  • Semester III is considered a Summer semester for this Transfer Advising Guide.
  • If Semester I was a FALL SEMESTER, do NOT register for any courses this semester.  
  • If Semester I was a SPRING SEMESTER, register for 3-6 SCH from Semester II.  Then, students can register for the remaining courses from Semester II at any point during Semesters V / VII / VIII. 

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Applicable Transfer Credit Hours

This Transfer Advising Guide provides 72 college-level hours, of which 72 will transfer and apply towards the Wayland Baptist University baccalaureate degree of Applied Science (Veterinary Science Technology Specialization). 

Note: Wayland Baptist University accepts a maximum of 72 hours towards a baccalaureate degree. Students must complete the specified number of advanced credits and credits in residence for their degrees.

Note: For further information regarding application process requirements, selection and forms, refer to the Veterinary Technology website:

Note: All prerequisite and VTHT courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Note: For the Alamo Colleges District this transfer advising guide is degree complete.

Milestone Course(s)

*** denotes Milestone Course(s).

A milestone course is a course that is critical for success in this program as determined by the Faculty of the Alamo Colleges District.

Additional Program Information

The Veterinary Technology program was accredited in 1998 by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Accreditation allows graduates to be eligible to take the Texas State Licensed Veterinary Technician examination and the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE)  to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

If a prospective student has a felony conviction this could result in denial of licensure.  These students would not be eligible for admissions into the program until a declaratory order process is completed with the licensure board and proof of eligibility for licensure or certification is provided

A limited number of qualified students are admitted to the Veterinary Technology Program every fall semester. Prospective students must submit application and documentation by the deadline of June 1. All applications will be reviewed, ranked, and notified by June 15. For further information regarding application process requirements, selection and forms, refer to the Veterinary Technology website:

Accepted students will be required to have a physical exam, tetanus prophylaxis and pre-exposure rabies prophylaxis before entrance for the fall semester.  All prerequisite and VTHT courses must be passed with a grade of C or better. NO VTHT course older than 5 years, prior to graduation, may be counted toward the AAS degree or certificate in Veterinary Technology.

Additional Wayland Baptist University Advising Notes

  • Make an appointment with the academic advisor of the major, once accepted to the Wayland Baptist University, in order to clarify department, college and university policies and procedures, to review course sequencing and to help with identifying resources for academic success. A current listing of academic advising centers can be found at
  • Refer to the official source of information on specific courses within the Wayland Baptist University requirements for this degree plan from Wayland Baptist University Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Pay close attention to course sequencing and availability at the Wayland Baptist University as it will affect the time it takes to complete the degree program.

Using this Transfer Advising Guide with Wayland Baptist University

This Transfer Advising Guide represents Wayland Baptist University degree plan and is subject to change at the university’s discretion. It is intended for advising purposes only so students know exactly which courses they can take at any of the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District and have the courses count towards degree requirements when they transfer to Wayland Baptist University. It is highly recommended that students meet with their assigned advisor to review all graduation and transfer requirements listed in the Transfer Advising Guide.

The ultimate goal is to provide students with accurate information for transfer pathways while minimizing loss of credits in transfer. Students are encouraged to review Wayland Baptist University’s requirements frequently.

Course numbers in italics are Wayland Baptist University’s course numbers.

This Transfer Advising Guide is based upon Wayland Baptist University’s 2019-2020 Catalog and is subject to change.

The Alamo Colleges District Advising

Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor about courses and other educational concerns if they plan to pursue a two-year degree program, transfer to another college or university, or simply take a few selected courses. In addition to course and degree requirements, policies and procedures are subject to change; stay informed by meeting with an academic advisor regularly.

Many students who plan to transfer to a university are advised to fulfill the lower-division requirements for the university. With appropriate planning, your Alamo Colleges District team can help make the transfer experience a seamless process. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they take courses at the Alamo Colleges District that will be accepted by the senior institutions they wish to attend.

For more information contact your Alamo Colleges District team.

Release Date:

Released on August 26, 2019